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Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifiers Manufactured by Accurate Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
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4' diameter to 70' diameter.
Competitive pricing and full material traceability.

70' Diameter clarifier being assembled and checked before shipment at AMCI.

Clarifier temporarily out of operation for inspection,
preventive maintenance and service by AMCI.

8' diameter DAF clarifier
ready for inspection and shipment.

Disassembled, typical 62' dissolved air flotation clarifier manufactured by AMCI being prepared for shipment to Canada. Similar shipments have been made to Mexico, South America, Asia, Europe and throughout the U.S.A. for customers like you.

Skid mounted, dual pump dissolved air tube ready to be shipped.

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Skid mounted, single pump air tube ready for shipping.

Dissolved air tube replacement parts
for upgrading an existing dissolved air system

Replace your old, inefficient dissolved air system with
DAF Corporation's superior air mixing technology.
Guaranteed satisfaction.

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What is a Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier?

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